Marc Gispert Saget
Digital Product Designer

Hi!, I’m Marc Gispert Saget a digital product designer working at Sunweb

In this portfolio (Still under development) you will find the most remarkable projects I’ve been working during the last 3 years.

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Golf Service

Improving the functionality for booking golf services

Check the creative process!
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Ski Ancillaries

How transform big data strings into a usable interface.

Let me explain a bit more!
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Room selector

A single room list where the user can compare rooms between description, allocation and prices

Let me show you how
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Price Table Matrix

Make the user able to check prices per departure and duration

Which goals was achieved?
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Price Table Filters

Improve the fields identification, the usability and the space occupied by the filters.

Check how it was done
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Car Rental / Car Rental Into Transfer Component

Improve the style and give the chance to the user to contract the service without leaving the component

Take a look on the outcome
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Promoted Price On Mobile

Fix several usability issues on mobile

See the results
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Design System

Contribution on a big repository of reusable elements

Check how kodama squad achieved that
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Quick Search Filters

Transform symple dropdowns to rich hierarched lists

See the examples
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Full Icon Set

Upgrade the site with more stylish and modern icons

Check the results
Marc Gispert Saget
Digital Product Designer

Web design and developement by: me :)